What is the role of accredited dangerous goods consultants?

How do accredited consultants help dangerous goods licence applicants?

Accredited dangerous goods consultants are approved by the department’s Chief Officer to assess and endorse licence applications for the storage and handling of dangerous goods, explosives and security sensitive ammonium nitrate in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Companies may engage the services of an accredited consultant to more quickly progress their licence applications through the approval process. The consultant will provide a certificate after:

  • conducting a risk assessment for the site or operation
  • outlining the risk control measures that will be applied
  • verifying that the risk assessment and risk control measures meet the requirements of the relevant regulations and section 8 of the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004.


Refer to s. 8 of the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004.

In carrying out these tasks the consultant must apply the policy positions and expectations of the department’s Chief Officer as if the assessment was being conducted by a Dangerous Goods Officer. This means that published guidelines and procedures have been followed to provide reasonable assurance to the Chief Officer that the applicant intends to comply with:

  • regulations
  • mandatory code requirements
  • approved code requirements (or an alternative that provides an equivalent or better safety outcome).

The accredited consultant must place achievement of these requirements ahead of the commercial interests of the licence applicant. When engaged to prepare a licence application, accredited consultants must alert their clients of their responsibilities to the department’s Chief Officer.

Examples of the certificates prepared by an accredited consultant are available below.

Accredited consultant's certificate - dangerous goods storage and handling licence and licence amendment - application - 710 Kb

Certificate to accompany an application for a dangerous goods licence or amendment of a dangerous goods licence.

Accredited consultant's certificate - explosives licence - application - 126 Kb

Certificate to accompany an application for an explosives licence.

Accredited consultant's certificate - security sensitive ammonium nitrate licence - application - 107 Kb

Certificate to accompany an application for a security sensitive ammonium nitrate licence.

Licence applications that are accompanied by a certificate from an accredited consultant are automatically approved by the department.

What is involved in becoming a consultant?

Suitably qualified practitioners may apply to the department’s Chief Officer for accreditation as an approved person, which allows them to provide certificates in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards.

Applicants need to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge and experience related to the dangerous goods Classes or Divisions for which accreditation is being sought.

Refer to Approval of consultants to assess and endorse dangerous goods site licence applications - guide for information on the approval process.

Approval of consultants to assess and endorse dangerous goods site licence applications - guide - 823 Kb

This document outlines how a person can become an accredited consultant in Western Australia. It covers the requirements for approval by the Chief Officer, and the standards of assessment required to maintain accreditation status.

More information about the requirements of accredited consultants is provided in acknowledgement of accredited consultant’s responsibilities.

Acknowledgement of accredited consultant’s responsibilities - 680 Kb

Dangerous goods licence applications that are accompanied by a certificate from an approved person are automatically approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Staying up-to-date

The department organises regular forums for accredited consultants to update them on legislative changes, safety security requirement updates, receive feedback from the consultants, and to encourage the sharing of information that will improve dangerous goods safety outcomes.

Maintaining accreditation

Accreditation is recognised for three years. The renewal form may also be used to request accreditation for additional Classes or Divisions.

There is a process for auditing the performance of accredited consultants to ensure they meet the required standards outlined in the accredited consultant’s charter.

Accredited consultants charter - form - 90 Kb

The Chief Officer accredits approved persons to provide certificates in accordance with regulations 26(3) and 29(4B) of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007.


For more information on the consultant approval process please contact dgsb@dmirs.wa.gov.au.

Finding an accredited consultant

Consultants approved to examine and endorse storage and handling proposals - list - 203 Kb

WA Dangerous Goods Accredited Consultants