Publicly available information

Only information that is not confidential is made publicly available.

Information about mining applications and activities

Environmental conditions on tenements - view conditions imposed on tenements, available through Mineral Titles Online (MTO)
Approved Mining Proposals - view approved Mining Proposals, available through MINEDEX (Mines and Mineral Deposits Database) query system.
Annual Environmental Reports - view company Annual Environmental Reports (AERs), available through the AER Submission Search Tool.
Approved Mine Closure Plans – view approved Mine Closure Plans by regional district

Information about petroleum applications and activities

Current proposals to undertake petroleum and geothermal activities - search for petroleum and geothermal environmental proposals submitted to DMP for assessment and review relevant activity information.

Notifications of Native Vegetation Clearing Permits Applications and decisions

Weekly notifications of applications received for clearing permits and decisions made.

Environmental Offsets Register

The Environmental Offsets Register provides a central public record of all offset agreements in Western Australia, contributing to the broader objectives of transparency and accountability.