State maps and statewide datasets

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) produces many maps and digital spatial layers that synthesise the geology of Western Australia and its mineral and petroleum endowment. Statewide geophysical and geochemical datasets and images are also available.

GSWA produces geological, geophysical and resource maps covering the whole state at scales from 1:500 000 to 1:10 000 000. All these maps are available in digital format as PDFs or spatial datasets, and some are available as plotted paper maps. Spatial datasets can be downloaded free from the department’s Data and Software Centre. Go to Data and Software Centre, then ‘Statewide Spatial Datasets’, ‘Geology’, <product name>, ‘Download’. PDFs can be downloaded free from the department’s eBookshop, and most plotted maps can be purchased from the department’s Information Counter. Statewide digital datasets at 1:500 000 scale are only available as digital data from the Data and Software Centre or on USB.

To purchase plotted maps or digital datasets on USB, search for and place orders online at the eBookshop or email Enquiries about digital data downloads can be directed to the Digital Data Administrator