Apply for a Programme of Work

The Mining Act 1978 requires that a Programme of Work (PoW) is lodged in the prescribed manner and approved by the Minister (or a prescribed official) prior to an explorer or prospector conducting any ground disturbing activities with mechanised equipment.

There are two types of applications available for lodgement:

Programme of Work – Prospecting (PoW-P)
Programme of Work – Exploration (PoW-E)

The Programme of Work-Prospecting Policy provides a framework for the application and assessment of a PoW-P and outlines the categories and limits of production appropriate.

A PoW-E is used for exploration activities that do not meet the classification of a PoW-P.

Programme of Work Prospecting (PoW – P)

Programme of Work - Prospecting (PoW-P) applications and Prospecting Rehabilitation Reports can be lodged in hardcopy format or online via DMP submissions. Read our guide for how to submit your applications and reports online via DMP Submissions.

Submit PoW - P application online

Programme of Work - Prospecting (PoW-P) Application Form - 498 Kb

PoW-P application

Programme of Work Exploration (PoW – E)

Programme of Work Exploration (PoW-E) applications must be lodged online via the Environmental Assessment and Regulatory System (EARS Online).

  Submit POW-E application online