Basic Raw Materials (BRM)

Basic Raw Materials (BRM) are used in the construction industry for both private and public works such as housing, site preparation, concrete and cement manufacturing, railway and road construction. These materials include sand, limestone, limesand, clay, hard-rock and gravel aggregate. Limestone and limesand also have important uses in agriculture.
Annual BRM consumption in WA from Crown land 2007 –14
Annual BRM consumption in Western Australia from Crown land 2007–14. Note that these figures are not total production for the State; it excludes substantial production from private land.

Population growth in Western Australia has increased the demand for BRM (see figure opposite). The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) assists in land use planning to identify, map and protect areas of BRM for future extraction, and to minimise land use conflicts.

Access spatial information on Basic Raw Material

Location of Basic Raw Materials around townsites can be seen in GeoVIEW.WA, the department’s interactive geological map tool. Select layers under ‘Land Use planning’ in the table of contents.

Mapping of BRM

BRM and Regionally Significant BRM mapping project areas
BRM and regionally significant BRM mapping project areas

GSWA maps BRM to assist government, industry and community decision making in and around Western Australia’s growth areas. GSWA has worked in collaboration with the Department of Planning to produce digital datasets and hardcopy BRM maps for the Pilbara (Karratha and Port Hedland) and West Kimberley (Broome and Derby). Maps of regionally significant basic raw material (RSBRM) along the Swan Coastal Plain from Busselton to Ledge Point north of Perth have been published and are providing a key geological input to the Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel regions. Current mapping programs are shown on the figure.

Mining Lease versus Extractive Industry Licence for BRM

  • Where BRM occur on Crown Land (unallocated, reserve or pastoral leases) extraction for commercial sale requires a Mining Lease. Mining tenements are issued under the Mining Act 1978 and are administered by the department.
  • Where BRM occur on private land (freehold) they are not defined as a mineral for the purposes of the Mining Act 1978. However, extraction does require approval under the Planning and Development Act 2005 and is administered by Local Government, normally through the grant of an Extractive Industry Licence and planning approval.

A guide for BRM extraction is available from the West Australian Planning Commission.

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