Report an abandoned mine

Stay out, stay safe and report abandoned mine features

Abandoned mine features are disturbances to the land caused by mining and/or exploration such as mine shafts, waste landforms, buildings and abandoned equipment for which no individual, company or organisation can be held responsible for rehabilitation. An abandoned mine site may comprise multiple features.

Industry and the community are encouraged to report abandoned mine features so that the department can build on the existing inventory. Information provided will assist the department to identify risks and prioritise programs in line with the Abandoned Mine Policy.

If you know of or locate what you believe to be an abandoned mine feature, please complete the report an abandoned mine form and email to Photographs or a map may be included as attachments.

Report an abandoned mine - 82 Kb

Use this form to report an Abandoned Mine feature

Abandoned mine features - pamphlet - 717 Kb

Stay out, stay safe and report


Abandoned Mines Team