Accessing State Government services

Give feedback on the new myWA Alpha website
Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A whole-of-government digital services portal is closer to fruition with the launch of the myWA Alpha site in December last year.

The myWA Alpha is a prototype where people can find and access existing WA government digital services – pay bills, update details, apply for a licence, or submit an application, as well as search across all WA government through one portal.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer is seeking feedback on the myWA Alpha site to ensure it reflects community needs and preferences, and to gain insight into what is considered important when dealing with government departments and agencies online.

More than 80 WA government online services can currently be found using the portal, which will stay live through the first half of 2017 with updates being made regularly based on user feedback. It will then be replaced by a more robust and refined 'beta' site.

WA Government agencies have progressively moved towards the digitalisation of services to better serve the community.

There has been a consistent effort from DMP to bring the department’s business online. DMP has introduced a number of electronic systems for receiving, processing and delivering information, and are committed to making all transactions digital, including applications, fees, submissions and correspondence. This will deliver benefits to industry, staff and the Government through improved accuracy and timeliness.

As at 1 July 2016, 215 of the 287 external transaction types (75 per cent) within DMP have been brought online. These transactions account for approximately 83 per cent of the department’s annual volume of business.

Moreover, 98 per cent of all records files created during the 2015/16 Financial Year were digital, with 86 per cent of all departmental records stored automatically by online transactions.

For more information on the myWA Program, go to myWA Alpha.