Annual rental due notices for mining tenement holders

Register your email contact details to receive notices without delay
Date: Tuesday, 06 July 2021

With the introduction of new fees and charges on 1 July 2021, DMIRS is issuing annual rental notices to mining tenement holders for which rent is now due or becoming due.

Tenement holders who have provided a Designated Tenement Contact (DTC) email address will have automatically received these notices. Tenement holders without a DTC email contact will receive their annual rent notices by standard mail. Due to the recent Perth-Peel four day lockdown, the notices will be mailed out in the coming days.

By registering an email address in the DTC and keeping the details up to date, tenement holders receive notices in a much easier and quicker manner, avoiding any unexpected delays via mail.

Contact details can be updated online at DMIRS via Mineral Titles Online (MTO) System, or by post or in person at a mining registrar’s office with a completed Form 30 Application to Amend, together with a completed supporting Statutory Declaration Form 99 - Statutory Declaration.

If you are a tenement holder who has not yet received your annual rent notice in the mail, there are a two ways you can pay your rent:

  1. If your tenement anniversary date has passed and your annual rent has become due, your payment numbers will be visible in Mineral Titles Online (MTO). You may then use the payment number to make a payment through the payment portal on the DMIRS website as per usual.
  2. If your tenement anniversary has not yet been reached, and you would like to pay prior to your annual rent becoming due, you may can create an intention to pay through MTO. Go to MTO - Online Transactions > Make a Rental Payment (enter tenement number and rental due will auto populate). Once all steps been completed, you will receive payment details (payment number, biller code, account number, reference) in your intention to pay.