Auction the first step toward mine site rehab

DMP will auction off old mining plant and equipment from the former Pro Force gold mine in Coolgardie.
Date: Friday, 06 November 2015

An auction of old mining plant at a Coolgardie mine site will be the first step in the rehabilitation of the site under the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s Mining Rehabilitation Fund.

The auction, due to be held on 16 November in Kalgoorlie, will see the sale and removal of abandoned mining plant and equipment from the old Pro Force gold mine in Coolgardie.

The department’s Executive Director Mineral Titles Dr Ivor Roberts said it was the first time DMP had been involved in auctioning off equipment from an abandoned mine.

“There is a range of old mining equipment and plant up for sale,” Dr Roberts said.

“This includes hoppers, a processing tank, walkways and stairs, earthmoving equipment tyres and scrap metal.”

Dr Roberts said the site has been selected as one of four pilot projects as a part of the MRF.

“The sites rehabilitation will progressively happen over the next couple of years,” Dr Roberts said.

Coolgardie Shire President Malcolm Cullen said there has been quite a bit of graffiti and vandalism since the mine site was abandoned and the shire welcomed the rehabilitation project.

“The site is adjacent to Coolgardie Gorge which is the former reservoir for the old Hampton Town site,” he said.

“We get quite a lot of visitors travel through there, particularly when it is full of water. It’s a relaxing place to be.

“(The rehabilitation) will certainly benefit the aesthetics of the area.”

For information about the auction, including a list of plant and equipment for sale, contact DMP Liaison Officer Jeff Hayles on (08) 9021 9437 or