Barnicarndy 1 Digital Core Atlas now available

An interactive display of layered multiple datasets linked to images of individual core trays
Date: Monday, 29 April 2024

The Geological Survey of Western Australia’s (GSWA) Digital Core Atlas series provides an interactive display of layered multiple datasets which are linked to images of individual core trays.

The main pages of the Atlas display core images on the left, and a well log and legend for the dataset on the right. The images include field photos of core taken immediately after retrieval from core barrels and a HyLogger photo taken at the Perth Core Library.

The Barnicarndy 1 Digital Core Atlas has now been released. This Digital Core Atlas presents analytical results for 2680.53 m of core (SQ, PQ and HQ core size) drilled by DDH1 Drilling Ltd within the Barnicarndy Graben, Canning Basin between September and December 2019. Drilling was funded by Geoscience Australia through the Exploring for the Future (EFTF) Program, while subsequent well analysis was funded by GSWA’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS).

This Core Atlas is presented as an electronic flipbook with interactive links to enable the user to view the results of multiple datasets in one convenient and user-friendly location. Each core tray has a field photo and HyLogger photo, marked with depths and icons linked to each of the various analyses available for a given depth interval.

These linked datasets include biostratigraphy, geochronology, inorganic geochemistry, organic geochemistry, petrography and petrophysics.

Each page shows the location of the core tray being displayed and contains a link to a detailed stratigraphic log for the interval containing that core tray.

How to access

The Barnicarndy 1 Digital Core Atlas is available from the WAPIMS database under Barnicarndy 1; Interactive/Searchable Digital Core Atlas. Due to the size of the Atlas, it has been divided into individual sections for download.