Black Diamond Working Group visit site

Members visit the legacy abandoned mine site after successful first meeting
Date: Monday, 11 April 2016

Ambitious plans to address community concerns around the Black Diamond Pit Lake have reached another important milestone.

Last week, the newly formed Black Diamond Working Group held its inaugural meeting to discuss the Department of Mines and Petroleum's (DMP) proposed rehabilitation works at the legacy mine site.

Members of the group, which comprises delegates from regulatory bodies, interested groups and community representatives, then visited the site the following day to consider the proposals further.

The primary focus of the proposed work will centre on managing the safety risks associated with the steep pit wall on the southern side of the site.

DMP’s Acting Executive Director Environment Dr Marnie Leybourne said the proposed rehabilitation efforts would ensure the site was safe and stable.

"Black Diamond has become an unmanaged recreation area and the local community has raised a number of safety concerns about this over the years," Dr Leybourne said.

"A number of environmental issues have also been highlighted, including illegal dumping, unauthorised camping and poor water quality in the pit.

"As a result, the formation of the new Black Diamond Working Group and the success of its first meeting is terrific news and a significant step forward in the journey towards achieving a long-term solution for this legacy site.

"Working Group members will provide valuable advice to DMP throughout the proposed rehabilitation process which will ensure that the safety and environmental needs of the community are met.

"This input will be further supported by extensive ongoing consultation with the local community to enable them to have their say on the proposals as well."

The Black Diamond Working Group will now meet monthly to discuss the planned works.

Community workshops are also scheduled to take place over the coming months to allow locals to share their thoughts on the planned rehabilitation works.

Located within the Allanson town site boundary in the Shire of Collie, approximately 5km west of Collie, the former Black Diamond coal mine was identified as a pilot site under DMP's Abandoned Mines Program.

The introduction of the Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF), coupled with the release of the Abandoned Mines Policy, has enabled the Western Australian Government to start to rehabilitate legacy mine sites across the State.

Further information can be found in the latest Black Diamond Working Group update.