COVID-19 proof of vaccination and business continuity

DMIRS services during the COVID-19 pandemic
Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2022


The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) continues to respond to the impact of COVID-19, and supports our staff, consumers and stakeholders while providing a high level of service to Western Australian industries and communities.

DMIRS is regularly providing information to stakeholders to assist them in their operations. Below provides an update on matters of interest for the mining and petroleum sector. More information about the continuity of DMIRS’ services is available on our website.

If needed, health advice can be accessed at

DMIRS Services

Under the WA Government’s Updated Safe Transition Plan, which came into effect on 3 March 2022, DMIRS has reviewed its business continuity plans to ensure services can continue and respond to any potential disruptions caused by the pandemic. 

In the current circumstances, some services will be delivered differently and our staff will communicate regularly with stakeholders to ensure clarity of any service changes. However, all DMIRS services and functions for the resources industry continue to be delivered, including our regulatory services, consultation on reforms, information services, and service desks.

Similar to most organisations, DMIRS has taken steps to protect the safety and health of our stakeholders’ and staff by moving meetings to a digital format where possible.

Proof of vaccination status

DMIRS holds the necessary vaccination proof for staff members who fall within the mandated industries to protect critical businesses. The Chief Health Officer has also authorised a number of nominated DMIRS Mines Safety Inspectors to be able to request information to ensure compliance with the Group 1 Direction under the mandatory vaccination policy.

For any questions about the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy and how it is regulated, please contact the Department of Health.

If you are visiting a DMIRS office, please sign in using ServiceWA, SafeWA or the paper based contact register.

Applications and approvals

DMIRS remains focussed on regulating the responsible development of the resources sector and has tested its capacity to continue to deliver these services under its business continuity plans.

There has been a high number of applications for new activities received across DMIRS for nearly two years, and this has impacted the timelines of approvals. DMIRS is reshaping its business and bringing on additional resources to deal with this increased demand.

It remains important that applications lodged with DMIRS are complete. Applicants are encouraged to plan for on-ground surveys, and obtain consents from those with an interest in the land well-before applications are lodged, to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of applications.

Focusing on compliance and keeping tenements in good standing

As part of operators’ consideration of contingency planning, it is critical that every tenement holder ensures they are in compliance with their approvals and the relevant legislation.

The requirement for the holders of licences, leases and permits to continue to comply with the relevant legislation has not changed. DMIRS officers continue to undertake compliance assessments of projects, as part of its proactive compliance monitoring program.

Our advice is all operators should ensure they have a thorough understanding of their compliance obligations and how they will continue to achieve compliance. 

If you plan to suspend operations, please do so in accordance with the relevant legislation.