Capel Community Open Day a success

DMP engage with South West stakeholders to discuss onshore petroleum regulation.
Date: Friday, 29 July 2016

South West stakeholders got the chance to meet with representatives from the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP), Department of Water, petroleum operators, and conservation NGOs at the recent Shire of Capel Community Open Day to discuss onshore petroleum activities in the South West.

The event provided the South West community with the opportunity to chat with a wide range of government experts, industry representatives, and NGO's about petroleum activities in there area and compare the facts presented by different organisations.

Capel Open Day
South West stakeholders and representatives from DMP discussing onshore petroleum regulation.

DMP's Executive Director of Petroleum Jeff Haworth said it was great to see such a good attendance at the event with stakeholders actively engaging with government experts.

"It is important that the community can have open and honest conversations with DMP staff to ensure that they are properly informed about the regulation of petroleum operations throughout the State and staff are made aware of concerns and questions the community has," Mr Haworth said.

"The department is committed to community engagement activities and we will continue to attend community open days and facilitate information sessions."

At the event stakeholders were generally most concerned about land owner rights, impacts to groundwater and the environment, and how the industry is regulated.

"Companies must submit applications covering safety, environment and well construction to DMP for assessment and approval before any petroleum drilling occurs," Mr Haworth said.

"This ensures that potential environmental impacts are identified and managed to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable and wells are designed and managed in accordance with sound engineering principles and industry best practice.

"DMP also sends inspectors to site during these operations to ensure companies are complying with the approved plans and other regulations."

The event in Capel also provided DMP with fresh insights into the key concerns of stakeholders around petroleum activities in the South West.

This information will be used to continue to improve communications with stakeholders.

"We must demonstrate to the community our commitment to regulating responsible and sustainable development in Western Australia," Mr Haworth said.