Consultation open for exploration and prospecting guidance

Clarifying expectations for submitting PoW applications and undertaking rehabilitation
Date: Tuesday, 20 December 2022

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is seeking feedback on the draft guidelines for preparing a Programme of Work (PoW) application, and the rehabilitation of exploration disturbances.

Under the Mining Act 1978, mineral explorers and prospectors must submit a PoW application prior to conducting any ground disturbing activities with mechanised equipment.

The Draft Programme of Work Guidance seeks to clarify the requirements for these applications to help streamline the processing times.

Once a PoW is approved and the work is carried out, the Draft Exploration Rehabilitation Guidance aims to clarify DMIRS' expectations for the rehabilitation of exploration disturbances.

It is important for proponents to minimise disturbances as much as possible, and comply with the commitments made in the PoW and the relevant tenement conditions. Rehabilitation should be progressive, and undertaken as soon as possible after the disturbance is complete.

DMIRS’ Resource and Environmental Compliance Executive Director Karen Caple said the guidance materials would be a valuable tool to help streamline applications and improve environmental outcomes.

“These materials are designed to provide clear guidance to assist with the fast and efficient turnaround of PoW applications.

“They also set the expectation that minimal disturbance should be the proponent’s highest priority and that any activities are rehabilitated in an ecologically-sustainable, progressive and timely manner.” 

More information on the Draft Programme of Work Guidance and Draft Exploration Rehabilitation Guidance can be found on the open consultation page. Feedback submissions close on Wednesday 1 March 2023.