Council seeks information about WA’s onshore gas development

DMP reassures Broome community about world class regulatory standards.
Date: Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Multi-agency regulatory approach clarified  

Broome Shire Council and technical staff deepened their understanding of Western Australia’s multi-agency regulatory processes for the developing onshore gas industry.

The visit by DMP officers was in direct response to requests from the council for more information about the State’s regulatory framework.

In two separate sessions councillors and staff engaged in open and frank discussions about the regulation of the petroleum industry and associated hydraulic fracturing, particularly in regard to ongoing protection of community and the environment.

“The interest was very much related to the hydrogeology of the area and water source protection and how the department regulates associated activity,” Petroleum Division Principal Policy Officer Jason Medd said.

“It was obvious people wanted to develop a greater understanding of what’s involved in exploration for shale and tight gas for that community and how the developing industry will be regulated into the future.

“The DMP was able to reassure people that the petroleum industry has been safety regulated in WA since 1936 and updated legislation and regulations means the industry is even more tightly regulated to meet world class standards that community expect.

“WA has some of the strongest regulations in the world regarding disclosure of additives in hydraulic fracturing fluids and that information is publicly released on the DMP website.”

The department conducted the information sessions with representatives from the Department of Water.

While in Broome the DMP team of specialists also met with local representatives from the Australian Conservation Foundation and Frack Free Kimberley.

The recent visit was part of the DMP’s continuing community engagement to provide information on the potential onshore gas industry.