DMIRS Royalties Branch 2017 customer survey

Positive feedback for Royalties Online
Date: Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) Royalties Branch 2017 customer survey shows the vast majority of responders viewed their experiences with branch staff positively.

The survey revealed that more than 92 percent of responders rated the quality of the branch’s customer service experience positively.

“Also, on a positive note this year, only 31 per cent of stakeholders indicated that they would like increased knowledge regarding royalty legislative requirements, down from 70 per cent in the 2016 survey,” Manager Systems and Analysis Vince D’Angelo said.

“This is a strong indication that our clients are across their royalties’ legislative responsibilities and up-to-date information from DMIRS is reaching our stakeholders.”

Other areas of the survey found that 98 per cent of responders used the Royalties Online software, reflecting similar trends in recent reviews of royalties’ returns with the RMS.

Of this figure, 91 per cent reported satisfaction using Royalties Online.

Regarding a recent royalties audit more than 94 per cent of responders agreed the audit team demonstrated courtesy, professionalism with a constructive and positive approach. Importantly, none of the responders disagreed.

DMIRS will continue to conduct an annual royalties’ customer survey as part of its continual improvement strategy.