DMIRS’ new sign-in solution protects your Digital Identity

My Account now available for MAGIX and FuelWatch customers
Date: Friday, 03 June 2022

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) has successfully released two of its primary products as described under “Better Services” in the Western Australian Digital Strategy Roadmap 2022.

Under the State Government Digital Strategy, DMIRS was allocated $3.6million to improve public access to its services with:

  • a single sign-on solution; and
  • a whole-of-state government service for managing authority for a representative to act on behalf of another person, a commercial arrangement or a volunteer organisation.

My Account, the single sign-in solution, has been rolled out to some of the department’s online systems. The WA Relationship Authorisation Manager (WARAM), the service for managing authorisations, is in the final stages of preparation for its first customer.

This functionality is crucial to delivery of the WA government’s digital identity service, which is being developed in partnership with the Office of Digital Government and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), with DWER being the first service to utilise the WARAM, coming soon.

DMIRS’ Executive Director Strategic Business Innovation Julie de Jong said My Account is now live for our Geophysical Survey Index, or MAGIX, and the new FuelWatch website.

“These customers are able to use the same sign-in information for each service while protecting their personal information with modern sophisticated cybersecurity and privacy measures and practices.

“An additional My Account feature is sign-in using a social or federal account. This means FuelWatch and MAGIX customers can access their accounts using their myGovID, Facebook or Google credentials. Currently, 24 per cent of our My Account customers are using this new feature,” said Julie.

“Plans are underway to integrate My Account across more state government services over the next three years, in conjunction with the WARAM. These advancements will allow customers to interact with any government agency in their personal or professional lives, with one digital identity.”

“DMIRS is very proud to be a critical part of progressing Western Australia towards a more secure, sustainable, and inclusive digital future.”

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