DMIRS launches stakeholder identification tool

The department has developed a tool which will help project managers in the resources sector with stakeholder identification and engagement.
Date: Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A stakeholder identification tool promoting effective stakeholder consultation and collaboration has been launched by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).

The tool, which was first developed for DMIRS’s Abandoned Mines Program to help identify stakeholders, their level of influence and their level of interest in abandoned mine projects, will give project managers in the resources sector a transparent, consistent and accessible methodology for stakeholder consultation and engagement.

DMIRS’ Deputy Director General, Dr Phil Gorey, said stakeholder feedback during the development and testing phases suggested the tool would be useful for wider application in the mining industry.

“Knowing who your stakeholders are and what they value is important for any project. Having a method to identify and consider your stakeholders assists project managers to then develop a strategic plan for engagement and consultation. The tool has been developed to provide a repeatable and transparent methodology to identify and work with stakeholders. The better the engagement, the more likely you are to achieve a successful project outcome,” said Dr Gorey.

The Stakeholder Identification Tool and User Guide are both available on the DMIRS website.