DMP executives build on South West regional presence

DMP opens discussions with regional leaders on WA’s resources sector.
Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A broad range of regulatory and business matters were the topic of conversation when South West industry and local government leaders met with Department of Mines and Petroleum senior executives yesterday.

The progressive networking event provided major local industries, such as Alcoa, Cristal and South32 Worsley Alumina and local Shire Council representatives the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of DMP’s work as the lead agency regulating Western Australia’s resources sector.

Deputy Director General Michelle Andrews said the South West meeting provided a direct line of communication into the region and if its successful, we will be hosting similar events in other regions.

“The event was well received and provided an opportunity for us to hear direct from companies and local government in open discussion on issues impacting industry and communities in the region,” she said.

“Some key points of discussion included the new harmonised safety legislation, the importance of the Bunbury Port to local industry, and opportunities to reduce duplication across government agencies and provide more efficient regulation.

“Representatives from the shires of Dardanup, Capel and Harvey, including some new councillors to the region, discussed issues relating to DMP's compliance checking of industry performance, and the Bunbury Energy exploration application process currently underway.

"We were very clear about our expectations of industry and the importance of working with their local community.

“The Shire Council representatives were also very interested in the next stages of the South West Hub project.”

Ms Andrews said the feedback was very positive and those participating genuinely appreciated the opportunity to be heard and have their questions answered.

“A great suggestion we will be following up on is scenario testing of the new safety legislation to ensure the practical implications for companies are well understood, and there are no surprises for anyone.

"We have also been invited back to give more briefings to the shires on DMP's regulation of petroleum activities, including on hydraulic fracturing, or 'fraccing'.

“More generally this event has been very successful in building on the relationships DMP has through our South West offices in Collie and Bunbury.”

The event was held at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and was part of DMP's long-term commitment to building and maintaining confidence in DMP's regulation of WA's resources sector for the benefit of all Western Australians