DMP guiding next generation of engineers

DMP's petroleum safety professionals are helping guide first-year engineering students at Curtin University.
Date: Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Petroleum safety professionals from the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) are helping guide first-year engineering students as part of their studies at Curtin University.

The university invited engineers from the department's Critical Risks Branch to attend student presentations and provide feedback at the end of the semester as a part of an Engineering Foundations unit.

DMP Safety and Risk Analyst for Dangerous Goods and Petroleum Safety Joanna Wong is a Curtin Alumni and helped coordinate the department's involvement.

Miss Wong said it was a chance for students to see practical examples of what they are learning.

"It is important for students to hear real-life experiences ... not just some theory on paper," she said.

Miss Wong said being involved in the Curtin program provided benefits for students and the department.

"It exposes students to the Department of Mines and Petroleum, our role in regulating the industry and potential career opportunities," Miss Wong said.

"The Engineering Foundations unit at Curtin is all about providing first-year engineering students with real-life engineering projects that simulate industry interactions.

"The department is an important part of those interactions."

Miss Wong said she was honoured to be able to help the next generation of engineers.

"I felt proud to be invited to share my insights regarding life after graduation, reflect upon my challenges, triumphs and disappointments, as well as provide career tips for the students," she said.

"A career in petroleum engineering offers abundant opportunities for travel and working on large-scale, interesting projects."