DMP hosts Carbon Capture and Storage project update

Traditional thinking about CCS containment was being challenged at a South West Hub Carbon Capture and Storage project presentation this week.
Date: Tuesday, 04 October 2016

The latest research, data acquisition and modelling results for the South West Hub Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project was the focus of discussion at the first of four presentations being hosted by the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP).

The presentations, which kicked off yesterday, included talks by the project’s Technical Advisor Sandeep Sharma and Science Director for the National Geosequestration Laboratory, Dr Linda Stalker about CCS research capabilities in Western Australia.

DMP Coordinator of Carbon Strategy Dominique Van Gent said a lot of 2D and 3D seismic data had been gathered in the last five years which has been interpreted using the latest industry software.

“The Harvey 1, 2, 3 and 4 wells have also been drilled and the core data has been used to build static and dynamic models, modelling multiple scenarios,” he said.

“The presentation was an ideal platform to highlight the unique aspects of our project and demonstrate how containment can work in the absence of a sealing layer.”

Mr Van Gent said traditional thinking about CCS containment was being challenged and could result in exciting new opportunities for storage on a global scale.

The presentation attracted more than 30 people from industry, other government departments and the research community. The project update will also be delivered later this week in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Launched in 2010, the South West Hub project is a leading initiative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Western Australia.

It was selected in 2011 by the Australian Government as one of two carbon capture and storage flagship projects and has also received support from the WA State Government and industry.

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