DMP set to engage with the stakeholders from the Mid West

DMP attending the upcoming Mingenew Midwest Expo
Date: Tuesday, 09 August 2016

Community members from the Midwest region will have the opportunity to meet with Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) staff from the Petroleum and Environment Divisions during the Mingenew Midwest Expo.

The two-day Expo, on August 10 and 11, will host exhibitors from a range of industries operating within the region.

DMP will be hosting an onshore oil and gas information booth at the event to provide the Mid West community with the opportunity to discuss the regulation of petroleum activities.

There will be a particular focus on informing the Mid-West community about the regulation of petroleum exploration and production activities in the region.

Executive Director of Petroleum Jeff Haworth said it was particularly important that the Mid West community was informed about the State’s multi-agency regulatory framework around petroleum activities, as much of the State’s onshore exploration and production occurred within the region.

“DMP, along with other agencies, administers a set of stringent regulations to ensure that petroleum companies adopt world best practice to manage safety and the environment,” Mr Haworth said.

“Prior to an activity occurring a petroleum company must have a DMP approved Well Management Plan, Environment Plan, and Safety Management Plan.

“DMP staff conduct audits and inspections to ensure that the petroleum companies are undertaking their activities in accordance with approved plans.”

A petroleum titleholder must also engage with Aboriginal communities and landholders to negotiate Native Title and land access before undertaking any activity.

“A petroleum company must have an agreement with a private landholder to undertake work on their land.”

“A petroleum activity will not be approved by DMP unless there is an agreement with the landholder.”

Stakeholder engagement is a key focus for the DMP, ensuring that the communities hosting resource industries are kept informed and up to date with activities in their area.

DMP officers look forward to the opportunity to meet with locals from the Midwest community to discuss the regulation of the resources industry.

The annual Expo event has been running for 34 years and has become Western Australia’s largest agricultural field day.