December edition Environment eNews out now

New edition of popular online Environment eNewsletter has been released.
Date: Thursday, 11 December 2014

As well as regular updates and reports, the December newsletter includes information on the Pilbara Rehabilitation Project and guidance material for in-stream mining activities. 

The December edition of the Environment eNewsletter has just been released.

Since last quarter’s newsletter, a number of policies and guidelines have been released for public comment and in this edition you can read about how the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is taking this feedback on board.

DMP is currently working with the Department of Water on some environmental guidance material for in-stream mining activities and the newsletter includes a story outlining the background and scope of the project.

Those interested in how government and industry stakeholders are evaluating rehabilitation activities in mined areas of the Pilbara region will be interested to read the story on the Pilbara Rehabilitation Project.

There’s also a story on the Goldfields team’s recent inspection campaign in at Fraser Range, an area that’s seen a marked increase in exploration activity in recent years, and the positive environmental management practices they observed.

As always, there are updates of ongoing projects and a report on the most recent quarterly approvals performance.

The Reforming Environmental Regulations update includes summaries of all the reforms that have already been delivered and are in the process of being delivered and it’s an impressive list.

You can subscribe to the Environment eNewsletter and view the current and past editions from the Department of Mines and Petroleum website.