Disability Access and Inclusion Plan available for public comment

DMP is committed to improving access for people with disabilities
Date: Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Department of Mines and Petroleum Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DIAP) for 2015–2020 is now out for public comment.

The objective of the DAIP is to ensure that people with disability have the same opportunity to access services and information as other people.

Director General Richard Sellers said the updated plan demonstrates DMP’s ongoing commitment to furthering the principles and meeting the objectives of the WA Disability Services Act 1993.

“The department is committed to facilitating the inclusion of people with disability through improved access to DMP information, services and facilities,” he said.

“The plan outlines ways in which the department aims to or has achieved this.

“Since the adoption of the initial plan in1995, the department has implemented many initiatives and made significant progress towards better access.”

Since it was first developed, the department’s DAIP has been internally reviewed three times.

Reporting on the implementation of DMP’s DAIP is done through its Annual Report, as well as directly to the Disability Services Commission by July 31 each year.

Public comment on the DMP DAIP is open until 25 September.

The 2015–2020 plan is available to view or download from the DMP website.

For further information or to request a hard copy please contact Joe Kaciuba on (08) 9222 3333 or by email to diap@dmp.wa.gov.au

Plan outlines improved disability access