Diverse resource projects striving for excellence

Environment and community partnerships on the agenda for resources industry
Date: Thursday, 30 June 2022

Ten resources projects and partnerships from across Western Australia have been nominated for the 2022 Resources Sector Awards for Excellence.

Administered by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), the Awards encompass the Golden Gecko award for environmental excellence and the Community Partnership Resources Sector Awards.

Six Golden Gecko nominees are chasing recognition of their endeavours to achieve environmental excellence in the mining and petroleum industry. The projects are nominated for achievements in best practice environmental management guidelines, rehabilitation, recycling and technology advances.

DMIRS Deputy Director General Jeff Haworth said it was very encouraging to see that the environment and communities continue to be on the agenda for resource sector operators.

“These projects demonstrate why the $210 billion sector remains a global destination for investment and a leader in technology advancement in the industry,” Mr Haworth said.

“By sharing these projects, DMIRS is encouraging other resources companies to continually improve and be at the forefront in community and environmental outcomes.”

Nominees for the Community Partnership Awards all highlight the need for strong connections between industry and communities, to protect the environment and provide opportunities for people, particularly in regional areas.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in September 2022. For more information, visit: www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/excellenceawards


  • Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd and Dieback Working Group Inc. - Best Practice Guidelines for Management of Phytophthora Dieback in the Basic Raw Materials Industries
    A user-friendly guide for industry to prevent the direct spread of Dieback through extractive industries.
  • UON - Western Turner Syncline 2 Project Site – Water Supply & Distribution, and other projects in the WTS2 area
    A unique range of environmental management strategies including recycling, roadside rubbish collection, installation of heritage signage, dust suppression and ablution protocols that eliminated overflows.
  • Iluka Resources Limited - Flora Restorer – Sowing a Diverse Ecosystem
    To support rehabilitation works, Iluka designed "Flora Restorer", focused on building and commissioning new equipment for seeding, imprinting and stabilising sandy topsoil for the revegetation of a diverse ecosystem after mining.
  • Australian Gas Infrastructure Group - Pluto to North West Interconnector
  • Utilisation of a previously disturbed pipeline corridor to reduce environmental impact and heritage site avoidance, meant this project was successfully completed whilst operating within a small construction width.
  • Tronox Mining Australia Ltd - Ludlow Tuart Forest Post-Mining Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation of the Ludlow Tuart Forest has seen an improvement to the tuart forest due to significant weed reduction, increased biodiversity and an increased diversity of vegetation.
  • Lynas Rare Earths Ltd - Lynas’ Transformational Mt Weld Tailings Journey
    The implementation of Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) at Mt Weld has resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in tailings volume that needs to be stored, an increase in the shear strength to over 30KPa and a 70 per cent water recovery.



  • Alcoa of Australia and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Greening Australia (GA), and Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC) - Three Rivers, One Estuary (TROE)
    The project aligns four partners with a shared vision – protect, restore and enhance the Serpentine, Murray and Harvey rivers and the Peel-Harvey Estuary. Science driven, targeted activities protect and improve environmental, economic, cultural, and social values of the waterways with a focus on water quality and biodiversity.
  • BHP and Care for Hedland Environmental Association Inc - Securing the Future of Flatback Turtles in Port Hedland - Care For Hedland
    Over 18 years of operation this partnership has put the Hedland environment on the map and achieved so much in the areas of turtle monitoring, community gardening/food production, home sustainability, waste management, recycling, litter prevention, participation in community consultation and environmental advocacy.
  • IGO Limited and The CoRE Learning Foundation - CoRE Learning Foundation (CLF) + IGO Graduates Hands-on Learning Program Initiative
    Norseman District High School students are provided a unique opportunity to learn through the CoRE + IGO Graduates Hands-On Learning Program Initiative, participating in STEM, project-based, hands-on learning where students are mentored by the graduates and inspired by potential career opportunities in the resources industry.
  • Newcrest Telfer and Ngurra Kujungka - Ngurra Kujungka
    The Western Desert’s first regional sports and recreation organisation with programs aiming to improve health and employment outcomes for the people of the region. This partnership brings families together from the remote desert regions to increase physical activity, provide sporting career pathways, educational benefits and community engagements with the involvement of elite sporting organisations.