Draft Decommissioning Discussion Paper consultation feedback

Department responds to industry feedback on decommissioning and rehabilitation obligations
Date: Monday, 08 May 2023

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) has released the response to submissions for the Draft Decommissioning Discussion Paper for WA onshore and State waters petroleum, geothermal and pipeline property, equipment and infrastructure.

The draft discussion paper was available for industry feedback for eight weeks, outlining the department’s expectations for decommissioning petroleum, geothermal and pipeline infrastructure onshore and in Western Australian waters. Three workshops were also held as part of the consultation.

DMIRS Resource and Environmental Compliance Division’s Acting Executive Director Travis Inman said public consultation was vital to best-practice policy development and supporting environmental management and compliance in Western Australia’s resources sector.

“The interest received was encouraging and I would like to thank all participants for taking the time to provide their input.

“The department will continue to work closely with industry to ensure registered holders in Western Australia have a clear understanding of their decommissioning and rehabilitation obligations.  

“The draft discussion paper and corresponding feedback will now be used as a basis for developing policy and supporting documentation.”

Stakeholders can expect further consultation on decommissioning policy and supporting guidance documentation to be released on the department’s website soon.