Draft ground control guidance developed by department open for comment

The department has released draft guidance on ground control for WA mining operations.
Date: Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety is seeking public comment on a suite of guidance materials being developed for ground control for Western Australian mining operations.

Director Mines Safety Andrew Chaplyn said ground control was a critical element of ensuring safety on mine sites.

"Ineffective or inadequate ground control can lead to serious injuries or death," Mr Chaplyn said.

"There are a number of examples across the mining world where ineffective or inadequate ground control has resulted in catastrophic incidents and worker fatalities.

"The guidance we are drafting will help mine operators ensure the safe design, construction and operation of mine workings in Western Australia."

As part of this guidance, the department has drafted a code of practice and a guideline, both of which are available for comment.

"There are a broad range of mining operations in Western Australia, from small sand pits and quarries through to large surface operations and deep, geologically complex underground mines and the guidance we have drafted is designed to ensure it accommodates the different operations found across the State," Mr Chaplyn said.

Submissions for comment close 5 pm, Friday 1 March 2019. More information, including a copy of the draft code and how to provide comment using the submission template, is available on the consultation page.