GSWA releases new data strategy

Outlines five-year transformation plan.
Date: Friday, 19 March 2021

The Geoscience Data Transformation Strategy 2025 outlines the Geological Survey of Western Australia’s (GSWA) five-year plan to transform, modernise and rationalise the storage, management and delivery of its data.

The data strategy identifies 13 direct actions, and outlines their priorities and estimated timelines for completion. The plan also recognises staffing and reskilling needs.

Geological Survey and Resource Strategy Executive Director Jeff Haworth said the data strategy would help to keep pace with modern, digitally enabled exploration demands.

“We are working hard to stay ahead of the data technology curve to place the department at the forefront of geoscience data delivery,” Mr Haworth said.

“Our strategic priorities will greatly increase the attractiveness of WA for exploration of its vast untapped mineral and petroleum resources.”

GSWA’s core function is to provide free, pre-competitive geoscience data to reduce financial risks for resource explorers, attract new investment and to provide guidance to government in policy and land-use decisions.

More information is available on the GSWA strategic priorities webpage