High-levels of mineral exploration applications continue

DMIRS is processing applications in record times, supporting an increase in mining exploration in WA.
Date: Thursday, 09 November 2017

The September quarter Approval Performance Report showed the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety again surpassed approval targets. Ninety-six per cent of mining and petroleum applications were finalised within target timelines.

The department’s performance has far surpassed its aim to finalise more than 80 per cent of all applications within target timeframes.

Strategic Projects Senior Advisor Graham Cobby said the increase in exploration applications during 2017 has continued in the third quarter with 658 Programme for Work applications being submitted.

The high level of applications in the third quarter reflected an increase in gold exploration in the Goldfields region,” Mr Cobby said.

The number of mineral exploration applications submitted to the department over the past 15 months is:

September 2016 Quarter = 502
December 2016 Quarter = 421
March 2017 Quarter = 640
June 2017 Quarter = 669
September 2017 Quarter = 658

Target timelines vary according to the type of application. For example, the target time to finalise a Mining proposal application is 30 business days. The target for a petroleum well application is 40 business days.

You can view the September quarter Approval Performance Report online.