Joint operation targets transport safety

The operation started today and includes DMP, Police, Main Roads, ComCare Department of Transport and WorkSafe.
Date: Monday, 18 May 2015

DMP part of Operation Austrans to ensure dangerous goods are transported safely and securely.

Transport companies carrying dangerous goods without appropriate safety equipment can receive $3000 on-the-spot fines for every piece of equipment missing or out of date.

The warning comes as a multi-agency operation targeting safety in the transport industry kicked off today.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP), WA Police, Main Roads, Department of Transport, ComCare and WorkSafe have combined forces for Operation Austrans.

DMP Principal Dangerous Goods Officer Peter Xanthis is taking part in the operation and said the department’s focus was on ensuring dangerous goods were transported safely and securely.

“The main reason for safety equipment is to protect the driver and other road users.” Mr Xanthis said.

“Without proper safety equipment, placarding and paperwork the risks to drivers, the public and emergency service personnel are increased.

“The majority of dangerous goods operators have high safety standards, but the department will continue to target companies and individuals that do the wrong thing and put people at risk.”

In 2013, a truck carrying 18,000 litres of fuel crashed and burst into flames killing two people and injuring five in the New South Wales suburb of Mona Vale.

“Such incidents are a tragic reminder of the risks of transporting dangerous goods and what can happen when safety isn’t given the highest priority,” Mr Xanthis said.

“Ultimately, this operation is not about fining companies, it is about preventing similar incidents from occurring here in Western Australia.

“It’s important we all work together to ensure dangerous goods are transported safely and securely throughout Western Australia,” Mr Xanthis said.

The department has about 20 dangerous goods officers responsible for education and enforcement.

More information about dangerous goods safety is available from the department’s Resources Safety Division.