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GSWA has added komatiite-hosted nickel–copper–platinum group elements as a new mineral system layer to the existing Mineral Systems Atlas
Date: Friday, 11 November 2022

GSWA’s Mineral Systems Atlas is an interactive GIS-based platform that collates and delivers map-based geoscience data layers specifically relevant to understanding and exploring for mineral deposits in Western Australia (

Record 2022/14 describes a mineral system analysis of the komatiite-hosted Ni–Cu–PGE mineral system, leading to the definition of mappable proxies that inform the GIS map layers featured in the Mineral Systems Atlas. Komatiite-hosted Ni–Cu–PGE deposits are economically important to Western Australia, with the state hosting several world-class examples including Kambalda and Mount Keith.

Download a copy of Record 2022/14 Komatiite-hosted Ni–Cu–PGE deposits: a mineral systems analysis