Latest edition of Petroleum in Western Australia

Now available online
Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The latest edition of WA’s digest of petroleum exploration, development and production Petroleum in Western Australia (PWA) magazine is now available online.

This edition looks at the introduction of a strategic five-year release of petroleum exploration areas across the Canning and Perth Basins that will minimise environmental, cultural and land use constraints.

New maps highlight future acreage release areas that will open for competitive bidding rounds for oil and gas prospectors from 2018 to 2021.

Acreage release schedules will be updated at least once a year and when significant amounts of new prospectivity data or acreage becomes available to warrant a review.

Industry is encouraged to nominate specific areas for acreage release, which will be considered the year it is nominated.

PWA also provides information of the CSIRO northern Perth Basin baseline characterisation study for petroleum development.

The study will establish baseline values of environmental indicators such as atmospheric methane, soil gas (methane) and groundwater chemistry.

There is also an overview of the regulatory regime and compliance requirements for the Gorgon Carbon Dioxide Injection Project, which is moving towards the injection phase of the project.

In other stories we look at the life of past Director the Geological Survey of WA (GSWA) Phillip Elliot Playford who recently passed away.

Phillip worked for the department from 1962 to 1992 and worked tirelessly to improve our knowledge of geology in Western Australia.

As well as many other articles, PWA looks at the Lindsay Collins collection which was donated to the Perth Core Library by Curtin University.

This substantial collection of geological specimens, including stromatolites, can be viewed at the Perth Core Library.

The latest edition of Petroleum in Western Australia (PWA) is available online.