Latest petroleum acreage release gazetted

14 onshore areas within Officer and Canning Basins released for bidding
Date: Friday, 16 September 2016

The latest petroleum acreage release by the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) of 14 onshore areas within the Officer and Canning Basins were gazetted today and are now available for bidding.

DMP Executive Director Petroleum Jeff Haworth said the applications for this release would only be accepted online through the department’s website.

Six of the blocks released are located in the Canning Basin and eight are in the Officer Basin, ranging in size from 1,770 square kilometres to more than 8,000 square kilometres.

The DMP website will include information on how to apply for acreage, royalties, online petroleum databases as well as environmental, land access and Native Title information specific to the release areas, detailed maps of the areas, the gazette notice, prospectivity summaries, and data listings.

Mr Haworth said further exploration of these areas would provide valuable geoscientific information and knowledge for the State.

“The geoscientific data that is collected through exploration is important. It helps provide insights into the petroleum prospectivity and potential resources of the State,” he said.

Petroleum discoveries made from such exploration activities, have the potential to enhance the State’s future energy security.

Applications for this acreage release and all future releases will be online only.

Information on the acreage release will be available on the web and a limited number of business card shaped USB versions of the package would also be made available at relevant national and international conferences, including the annual Petroleum Open Day to be held on Thursday September 15.

Further information is available from here.