MRF Yearly Report now available

DMIRS announces the latest MRF yearly report.
Date: Friday, 04 December 2020

MRF Yearly Report now available

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety is pleased to announce that the Mining Rehabilitation Fund’s (MRF) latest Yearly Report is now available.

The report provides an analysis of the performance and achievements of the MRF in 2019-20, as well as a summary of the disturbance and rehabilitation data submitted by all respective tenement holders; an overview of the Fund’s compliance program and an update on rehabilitation works undertaken through the Abandoned Mines Program.

MRF Yearly Report 2020

The 2019-20 financial year marks the seventh year of successful management of the MRF with a total of $35.1 million in levies assessed for the year.

During the 2019-20 financial year the MRF compliance team reviewed 2,182 tenements and found 279 tenements requiring amendment to their submission. These amendments or discrepancies recovered a further $350,224 in levies for contribution to the Fund.

The MRF has accumulated $3.7 million in net interest alone since the Fund’s inception in 2013, and as at 30 June 2020 the Fund held $185 million.

Visit the MRF webpage to the view the report, in addition historical reports for the previous years can also be accessed via the website.

2020 Data Release now available

There are approximately 20,414 mining tenements (as at 30 June 2020) across the State that are subject to the Mining Act 1978 and, as a requirement of the MRF, these tenement holders are required to provide the Department with accurate information of the types and areas of ground disturbance for each tenement. This data is used to calculate the annual MRF levy applicable to each tenement.

This MRF data is published annually on the Department’s website, with the data released as a Microsoft Excel workbook enabling users the ability to filter, sort and search the data. Visit the MRF webpage to view the recently published MRF 2020 Data Release.