More training dates for PoW applications

Additional training sessions have been set for the new spatial lodgement of Programme of Work (POW) applications.
Date: Wednesday, 02 August 2017

An overwhelming response to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety training sessions for its new spatial lodgement of Programme of Work (POW) applications has prompted further sessions to be held.

The department has been rolling out the training session since February 2017 and new sessions have now been set to carry on through to the end of the year.

The new system offers real time feedback, giving all the relevant information on the tenement(s) at the lodgement stage. The system will prompt information from the tenement holder during the lodgement process, hence ensuring adequate information is provided in the application and reducing the likelihood of questions during the assessment.

Following the training, the new system will become mandatory for exploration activities, however Programme of Work prospecting (POW-P) forms will continue to be accepted in hard copy or online through DMIRS Submissions.

The updated map-based application will allow users to enter their proposed activities, either by loading existing spatial files or creating spatial files on screen. The system will conduct automatic checks by intersecting the proposed activities with other data layers of environmental and cultural significance, and alert the user with the results.

“The new system has many benefits including real time feedback, also allowing users to upload shape files. It will give the Department all the relevant information on the tenement at the lodgement stage rather than the old system which wouldn’t look at the intersections until the assessment stage,” says Acting Executive Director, Environment, Karen Caple.

“The system will prompt information from the tenement holder earlier and should mean a faster process for all involved. It marks the start of a larger application transformation for approvals and for our stakeholders which will focus on spatially enabling DMIRS’ applications.”

The department will run multiple training sessions in Perth and in Kalgoorlie, with 15 spaces available per session. More information regarding dates and locations can be found here and please email to register for the training.