New Designated Tenement Contact scheme introduced

Mining industry encouraged to opt into a voluntary scheme of nominating the DTC via Mineral Titles Online (MTO).
Date: Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mining industry representatives are being invited to opt into an innovative new online scheme aimed at improving communication and efficiency.

As part of the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) ongoing commitment to encouraging online transactions a new Designated Tenement Contact (DTC) initiative was launched last week.

Under the initiative, each applicant/holder for a mining tenement can nominate and maintain a DTC as a specific point of contact.

“This will improve business processes through the use of online services including the use of email addresses for correspondence,” Executive Director Mineral Titles Dr Ivor Roberts said.

Once registered, DMP will begin issuing all outgoing correspondence electronically to the DTC’s email address and begin to phase out communications by post

Some exceptions, such as intention to forfeit notices, will be applied.

“The new DTC initiative is initially being rolled out on a voluntary basis, but I am urging as many industry representatives as possible to opt into the scheme,” Dr Roberts said.

He said following feedback from stakeholders, it was identified that it would be an advantage to have a single point of contact for each applicant/holder for a mining tenement, where DMP can send outgoing correspondence.

“The current methods of communicating with tenement holders and applicants are inefficient, costly and subject to delay which is why DMP is now moving to use email when communicating with applicants/holders for a mineral title,” he said.

“This will undoubtedly improve efficiency, communication and customer service relations for all applicants/holders for mining tenements who sign up.”

For more information go to Guidelines – Changes to addressing requirements on the Mineral Titles webpage.