New app will reveal the geological treasures of Rottnest

'Pokemon for geologists' joins DMP’s range of geotourism products
Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A new app for mobile phones and tablets that could be described as “Pokemon for geologists” is giving visitors to Perth’s holiday island of Rottnest a deeper understanding of its geology in a bright new way.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) Geological Survey of Western Australia has worked with software developer Everythere to develop the app which can be used on iPhone and Android platforms.

As users of the app get near GPS location points around the island, they receive notifications with information written by geologists from GSWA about the spot’s geology.

Many of the Western Australians who flock each summer to the island 20 km off Perth’s shoreline have no idea of the geological richness of “Rotto”.

Ancient fossil stromatolites, coral reefs and salt lakes that were once mined are all part of the history of sea-level change over hundreds of thousands of years.

“We’re trying to reach a different audience with his new app,” DMP Special Project Senior Editor Jean Johnston said.

“In this increasingly digital age, this app is the perfect partner to the pamphlet Rottnest Island – a Geology Guide that we published last year.

“It joins a range of geotourism products that we produce to give tourists a greater understanding of the natural wonders of Western Australia.”

To start exploring Rottnest online the next time you visit the island, just follow these steps:

Download Everythere from iTunes App Store.

  1. Open the app, click on the Tours tab and swipe left on the Rottnest Island – A Geology Guide banner. Tap Download.
  2. Start the interactive tour by tapping on the Rottnest Island – A Geology Guide banner followed by the Explore button.
  3. Begin walking or cycling around the island. As you pass each location’s coordinates, digital media content will activate on your device.

“It’s important to remember that you can download it before you arrive at Rottnest, but the app will not activate until you are actually on the island,” Mrs Johnston said.

“As this is a beta version of the app, we would love to hear your feedback over the next few months, so please leave a message when you use it.”