New code for close proximity fireworks

The department has released a new code of practice targeting the handling and use of close proximity fireworks
Date: Thursday, 19 April 2018

A new code of practice has been released by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety targeting the handling and use of close proximity fireworks.

Close proximity fireworks are intentionally designed so they can be used near or close to performers, spectators and users.

Acting Director Dangerous Goods and Critical Risks Iain Dainty said the code of practice covered the type of fireworks commonly used at sports events and entertainment performances.

“Audiences at events that feature these type of fireworks should be able to enjoy such displays if there are the appropriate precautions taken to reduce the likelihood and consequences of a potential incident,” Mr Dainty said.

“While it is not possible to have zero risk, complying with the code will ensure there is a high standard of safety and that the risks of using these type of fireworks have been minimised to an acceptable level.”

The code of practice covers the principles of safe transport, storage, handling, and use of close proximity fireworks, as well as the security requirements.

“The code addresses the training, knowledge and skills required by people involved with close proximity fireworks,” Mr Dainty said.

“A responsible attitude, commitment to follow legislative requirements, and high standards of safety are essential to minimise risk.”

The code is available for download from the department’s website.