New mines inspectors welcomed at forum

Forum an opportunity to share experiences, ideas and advice about mine safety
Date: Thursday, 28 August 2014

DMP's two-day Biannual Mines Inspectors Forum was opened by Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion 

The newest recruits to Western Australia’s mines safety inspectorate have been recognised at the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) safety forum.

The two-day Biannual Mines Inspectors Forum provides the State’s inspectors an opportunity to come together and share experiences, ideas and advice about mine safety.

The department’s Mines Safety Director Andrew Chaplyn said the forum was an important part of the Reform and Development at Resources Safety program, also known as RADARS.

“The forums really give us the opportunity to come together as an inspectorate and look at how our reform program is going,” Mr Chaplyn said.

“Getting feedback from our inspectors to see what is working and where we need to improve is an important part of this process.”

Mr Chaplyn said this month’s forum was focused on areas of concern raised by inspectors at the March forum.

“At the previous forum, inspectors discussed our progress on priority targets and what needed to be addressed in the next few years,” Mr Chaplyn said.

Key issues were hazard awareness and control, risk management strategies, and effective leadership and cultural change.

These issues were further broken down into specific areas of concern.

"This kind of focus will help us to develop and implement strategies around these specific areas of concern,” Mr Chaplyn said.

“It will also promote consistency among the mines inspectors and explain the department’s approach to safety compliance in a practical way for industry.”

Mr Chaplyn said the department was committed to working together to improve safety in Western Australia’s mining industry.

“Workers, employers, industry groups, regulators and government need to continue working together to make real, significant and sustained improvements to safety,” he said.

The ninth Biannual Mines Inspectors Forum was officially opened by Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion.

Mr Marmion said the State’s Mine Safety Inspectorate were at the front line of safety in the industry.

“The groundwork you are laying now through these reforms that will lead to the next big improvements in safety,” he said.

“Until one day we reach our ultimate goal of zero harm.”