Nominations for Resource Sector Awards for Excellence closing soon

Have you nominated for the Resources Sector Awards for Excellence?
Date: Friday, 11 March 2022

The Resources Sector Awards for Excellence are open for applications and close at 5pm, 31 March 2022. The Awards comprise the Golden Gecko Awards for Environmental Excellence and the Community Partnership Resources Sector Award.

The Golden Gecko Awards recognise leading practice and innovation in environmental management and provide an opportunity to share experiences between government, industry and the community.

For 30 years, award winning projects have raised the best practice standard, and thus demonstrated the continual adoption of innovative techniques and skills by industry. Still today, individuals and companies continue to stand out and develop innovative and remarkable solutions to address modern challenges and regulatory requirements.

Entries for the Golden Gecko Award can be for a particular stage of an activity, a specific environmental program or an entire resource operation. If you have a project that meets the Assessment Criteria, DMIRS encourages you to consider nominating it for the award. It is important that you clearly identify specific actions that show excellence and are able to demonstrate clear environmental outcomes/benefits achieved by the project implementation.

The Community Partnership Resources Sector Award promotes strong guiding behaviour within the resource sector by providing a platform for innovative and meaningful partnerships to be showcased and celebrated.

Entries for the Community Partnership Resources Sector Award must relate to a partnership between a resource industry operation and a community group/s that provides positive outcomes for the Western Australian community.

Submissions can be lodged jointly or by either of the parties and will need to demonstrate strong partnership engagement and collaboration which provides for sustainable and progressive benefits to the Western Australian community in which they are located.

There is also an opportunity that a second category may be awarded if the selection committee considers a partnership should receive the award but the resource company involved is small to mid-tier and/or engaged in a short-term resource project.

More information about the Resources Sector Awards for Excellence can be found on our website.