Perth Core Library notches up 1000 drill hole scans

Sophisticated scanning system builds geological knowledge and helps miners target exploration
Date: Thursday, 20 September 2018

An historic milestone has been achieved by the team in charge of the sophisticated HyLogger rapid spectroscopic logging and imaging system at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s (DMIRS) Perth Core Library.

The team, part of DMIRS’ Geological Survey of WA (GSWA), recently logged its 1000th drill hole, earning praise from Geoscience and Resource Strategy Executive Director Jeff Haworth and a congratulatory tweet from the Federal geoscience infrastructure organisation AuScope.

Perth Core Library
The HyLogger team: Edward Rogers, Michael Wawryk, Paul Stephenson (Core Library Manager), and Lena Hancock.

“Congratulations to Lena Hancock, our Mineral Investigation Senior Geologist and her team for making such good use of this vitally important equipment,” Mr Haworth said.

AuScope, which co-hosts all state-generated HyLogger data on the National Virtual Core Library (NVCL), tweeted: “Congratulations to the HyLogging team at #GSWA @DMIRS_WA on reaching 300,000 metres of mineralogically-scanned drill core from 1000 unique drill holes. It's great to see #AuScope supported tools help to kick Aussie #geoscience goals!”

The GSWA Hylogger has been in constant operation since it was installed in July 2009. It was designed and donated to GSWA by the CSIRO as part of the AuScope NVCL initiative, and is one of seven such systems deployed to Australian State and Territory Geological Surveys to help build a national record of important geological core from around Australia.

The HyLogger uses continuous visible and infrared spectroscopy and digital imaging to non-destructively examine cores, samples and cuttings, providing high-resolution images of scanned material and a wealth of compositional information about rocks, including their crystallinity, geochemistry, porosity, and hydrocarbon distribution.

It is operated by a three-person team - Dr Lena Hancock, who has been in charge of the facility since it was first installed, Hylogger coordinator Michael Wawryk, and technician Edward Rogers.

Lena provides expert mineralogical and geological interpretation of scanned datasets, Mr Wawryk provides technical support, basic data processing, and mineral validation, and Mr Rogers has been the machine’s operator since 2014.

“We also have day-to-day support from all Core Library staff to prepare the core for logging thanks to Core Library Manager Paul Stephenson, and the success of the facility is also a great tribute to the close and effective working relationship between the GSWA and CSIRO teams for the last nine years,” Lena said.

The HyLogger team is systematically logging the entire collection of drill core held by DMIRS, including all core obtained by the co-funded drilling program of the State Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme’s, adding extra incentive for companies to take part in this scheme.

By making this library of hyperspectral data and images freely available, the Geological Survey is assisting exploration companies to better focus their exploration for mineral and petroleum resources.