Positive feedback on DMP’s new website

The DMP Website User Survey Report is now available
Date: Monday, 23 May 2016

A recent survey undertaken has shown that more than 75 per cent of Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) stakeholders are satisfied with the improvements on its new website.

The new website, launched in November last year, received positive feedback.

The majority of users find it easier to search for information on the site, compared to the previous DMP website, and they are pleased with the web design, functionality and content quality.

Whilst the overall performance of the website received positive views from stakeholders further improvements can be achieved.

Three key areas identified for continuous improvement include specific parts of the website’s search function, some areas of navigation, and online system links.

You can download the DMP Website User Survey Report for full results.

A user satisfaction survey will be undertaken on an annual basis to ensure stakeholder’s feedback is received and reviewed, and the DMP website continues to evolve to meet business and community needs.

For further information or queries on the website please contact DMP Web Services Manager Wei Chean by email or on +61 8 9222 3333.