Recharging approach to battery transport safety

The department is reminding companies about safety standards for transporting used lead acid batteries.
Date: Friday, 02 December 2016

The Department of Mines and Petroleum is reminding companies of the importance of safely transporting used lead acid batteries on Western Australian roads.

The batteries, used in vehicles, retain a dangerous goods classification as Class 8 Corrosive articles even after they have been used.

Senior Dangerous Goods Officer Stephen Lane said some companies were unaware of the safety requirements.

"The department is aware of a number of situations where used lead acid batteries have been transported without dangerous goods transport documentation or adequate over-packing and restraint," Mr Lane said.

"Poor packaging and restraint of used lead acid batteries poses a serious safety and health risk to operators and the public."

Mr Lane said the department recommended prime contractors and consignors review consignment practices for used lead acid batteries.

"Companies need to ensure these batteries are transported in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Safety (Road and Rail Transport of Non-Explosives) Regulations 2007," he said.

"They also need to meet the statutory requirements of the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 administered by the Department of Environment Regulation."

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