Reminder about release of mineral exploration information

Release of reports will begin on 1 May
Date: Friday, 15 March 2019

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) plans to release mineral exploration reports submitted by companies from January to December in 2013 under Section 115A of the Mining Act 1978.

Release of the information is in accordance with Regulation 96(4) relating to statutory exploration reports which have been held at the department for five years or more.

The release of reports will commence on 1 May 2019 but in accordance with Regulation 96(5), the holder of a mining tenement covered by the report, or any subsequent tenement granted in renewal of or substitution for such mining tenement, may object to the release.

Objections to the immediate release of a report must set out specific reasons why identified reports or parts of reports should not be released, and objections must be received prior to the planned date of release of the report.

Also in accordance with Regulation 96(5), objections to the release of a report are only valid for a period not exceeding five years in each case. This means that objections made in 2014 to the release of reports submitted in 2008 have now lapsed and need to be renewed or the report will be released.

Objections to the release of reports should be addressed to the Executive Director, Geological Survey and Resource Strategy Division, and emailed to:

There are two lists of reports on the department’s website – the first list is for those reports proposed for release in May 2019 and the second list contains reports where the objections are expiring.

Notification of the release has been advertised and further information may also be obtained by calling (08) 9222 3478 or via email to