Revegetation works begin at Black Diamond

Seeding and erosion control works began this week at Black Diamond.
Date: Thursday, 01 June 2017

The final stage of rehabilitation works started this week at the Black Diamond Pit Lake located within the Allanson town site boundary, approximately 5km west of Collie.

The revegetation works consist of seeding and erosion control with the application of a growth medium, to improve the visual amenity of the area, promote community connection with the site, reduce levels of erosion and conserve the biodiversity of the area.

The seed mix for the revegetation project, donated to the project by Collie coal company Griffin Coal, consists of native species local to the area. It will ensure the site ultimately blends back in with surrounding bushland and will contribute to the health of the local ecosystem.

DMP’s Abandoned Mines Program Manager, Sarah Bellamy, said the Abandoned Mines Program continues to show DMP’s commitment to ensuring the best possible outcomes for Black Diamond, in particular that it is safe, stable, non-polluting, ecologically sustainable and supports the agreed post mining land use.

“To date, all the completed works have been shaped by community consultation which has always highlighted the community’s aspirations to see the site become a managed recreation space and an asset to the area,” she said.

DMP has also partnered with erosion control experts, Dura-Veg and mine site rehabilitation specialists, WA Hydromulch, to apply a flexible growth medium to the remediated areas. Using an innovative, environmentally friendly product the process will reduce soil erosion, while providing favourable conditions to promote the germination of seed.

The revegetation works follow the major earthworks that took place at Black Diamond in October 2016 to batter down the steep southern pit wall to a safer angle and manage erosion on the western end.

“The works have provided a positive impact on the local community by making the site safe and accessible. Locals have already told me that there has been a shift in the sorts of visitors who now come to the lake, including more families and tourists,” Ms Bellamy said.

Ms Bellamy expressed gratitude to all stakeholders from the community and industry who have provided technical advice and support for this important and exciting project.

Once the growth medium is established, Oswald Environmental Solutions will begin seedling planting with support from students from Allanson Primary School. All revegetation works will be completed by 30 June 2017 and monitoring of the site will continue following the on ground rehabilitation works.

“We are asking visitors to Black Diamond to please avoid walking over the revegetated areas while the vegetation is being established. Signage has been erected to encourage Black Diamond visitors to stick to the established tracks,” Ms Bellamy said.

Black Diamond is the first of four pilots to be rehabilitated as part of the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP) Abandoned Mines Program, using funds from the Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF). The MRF is a pooled fund contributed to annually by Western Australian Mining operators.

For more information contact the Abandoned Mines Team on 9222 3162, email or visit our Black Diamond Pit Lake page.

Application of Growth Medium supplied by Dura-Veg at Black Diamond.
Application of Growth Medium supplied by Dura-Veg at Black Diamond.
Application of Growth Medium by WA HydroMulch at Black Diamond.
Application of Growth Medium by WA HydroMulch at Black Diamond.