Sharing knowledge with students

DMP’s Dangerous Goods team have been sharing their regulatory and community education knowledge with a delegation of engineering students visiting from China.
Date: Wednesday, 15 February 2017

As the State’s regulatory body for the resources sector, the Department of Mines and Petroleum is serious about educating not only companies and operators, but the wider community on the correct handling of dangerous goods.

While presenting to a group of more than 20 students visiting from China, Principal Dangerous Goods Officer, Lawry Lim said the department’s approach to regulation is a little different to some others.

“We are a very approachable department, we take a view that we need to educate our community and businesses on the best practice to avoid problems in the first place,” Mr Lim said.

“It is really important to share our collective knowledge, the standards we use and our approach.

“These students may become the future regulators and leaders in their country and they may find the information we share with them will have applications in their future careers.”

Invited to present by South Metropolitan TAFE, Mr Lim discussed the department’s role in safety and health legislation, helping the students to understand the regulations and legislation around the storage, use and transport of dangerous goods in WA in comparison with regulation in China.

“I was very encouraged by the questions following the presentation, this was a very engaged group who really want to get a handle on the different standards,” Mr Lim said.

Chinese student delegation