Spruiking WA's decommissioning expertise to Gas Asia Summit in Singapore

WA has capability and accessibility for decommissioning infrastructure in South East Asia
Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Minister for Mines and Petroleum and Asian Engagement Bill Johnston is travelling to Singapore tomorrow to attend the Gas Asia Summit to promote the expertise that Western Australia can offer South East Asia for decommissioning petroleum wells and facilities.

The summit attracts more than 3,000 international attendees.

It is estimated that 600 petroleum-producing fields will cease production in the Asia-Pacific region in the next 10 years.

WA has world-class decommissioning capabilities and the State Government is building on the State's world-class expertise by supporting a joint research and development study by industry participants.

The joint research aims to deliver innovative and transformative offshore decommissioning solutions, positioning WA as a regional and global leader.

The decommissioning research centre aims to deliver innovative and transformative offshore decommissioning solutions, positioning Western Australia as a regional and global leader.

The research centre will provide access to a network of industry leading organisations and government bodies and learnings from leading edge developments in decommissioning.

Western Australia itself has a large number of producing petroleum assets that are at, or near, the end of their productive life and is approaching decommissioning in the region with an integrated response from government, industry and research partners.

“There is no doubt that decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure is an emerging global issue, and WA can position itself as a global leader in this field,” Minister Johnston said.

“Perth is already a global hub for oil and gas organisations and has the industrial capacity and expertise to address the demand for decommissioning services.”

“The State’s industrial base has proven decommissioning expertise and is available to help reduce the region’s decommissioning liabilities.”

More about WA’s Decommissioning Capabilities is available in the brochure which can be downloaded from the DMIRS website.