Stage 3 Rehabilitation Works at Black Diamond Completed

Black Diamond pit lake safer following completion of rehabilitation works
Date: Friday, 04 November 2016

Black Diamond is the first of four pilot sites to be rehabilitated through the Department of Mines and Petroleum’s (DMP’s) Abandoned Mines Program.

Black Diamond pre rehabilitation works
Image of the southern pit wall at Black Diamond pre rehabilitation works

The Abandoned Mines Program was made possible following the enactment of the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 (MRF Act) in July 2013 which provides a source of funding to address abandoned mine sites in WA.

Black Diamond was well known for its dangerous cliffs on the southern side of the pit. A number of serious injuries have occurred in the past as a result of cliff jumping at the site. The site has previously attracted significant media attention and community outcry in relation to the dangerous pit wall and the need for it to be addressed.

Safety, environmental and social issues pertaining to the site has also been previously raised by the community.

Progress and Completion of Site Works

Following extensive community consultation, site assessments and approval of the engineering plan from the landowners: Shire of Collie and Department of Lands, as well as endorsement from the Black Diamond Working Group, Stage 3 rehabilitation works commenced in late September and works were completed in late October.

DMP has verified that works on site have been completed in accordance with the engineering plan. The southern pit wall has been altered from its previous 90 degree slope, to a gentler slope or fall ranging now from 22 to 26 degrees.

Additional site management of heavily eroded areas on the western and northern ends of the pit lake has also been completed.

The Working Group met on Tuesday 1 November  to view the completed works as part of Stage 3 and to discuss post mining land use. At the meeting the Working Group agreed that safety and erosion issues at the site have been greatly reduced as a result of Stage 3 works and that the site was visually improved.

Black Diamond post rehabilitation works
Image of the southern pit wall at Black Diamond post rehabilitation works

Future Rehabilitation Works

The Working Group and broader community have been informed that that funding for further works to revegetate the pit wall and western end is not currently available through the Mining Rehabilitation Fund.

Future Land Use

Consultation with the community has indicated that they would like to see the site become a managed recreation area. Removing the risk associated with the southern pit wall as well as management of erosion has resulted in a safer and more stable site, which is a strong foundation for the development of a managed recreation area in the future.

The Working Group also indicated that their preference is for DMP to remain involved in the project to provide support in the process of obtaining grants to reach a decision on the establishment of the agreed land use.