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Date: Friday, 18 November 2016

Thanks to the growing suite of online subscriptions you can stay in touch with the latest news and information about Western Australia’s mining and petroleum industry from a DMP perspective.

Over 18,500 stakeholders are subscribed to DMP’s online news subscription service. There are 11 online subscriptions distributed by the department, which include DMP News Alerts, DG News, Resources Safety News Alerts, divisional e-newsletters, Prospect magazine, and RSS feeds.

Simply register to the online news subscription of your choice to receive the latest DMP information in your DMP inbox.

You can also now follow DMP on social media sites - Twitter and LinkedIn.

DMP’s social media accounts contain a variety of latest department news and information – from major project milestones and upcoming events, to stakeholder engagement visits, and updates regarding industry policies and guidelines.

These services provide the department’s stakeholders with a range of information options and access to DMP information as it is released.