Supportive response to revised submission process

DMP receives supportive feedback about revised Environment Plan (EP) Summary submission process from stakeholders.
Date: Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Department of Mines and Petroleum has received a supportive response from stakeholders to its revised Environment Plan (EP) Summary submission process with the survey results now available online.

In March 2016 DMP implemented a revised process requiring operators to submit the EP Summary document at the same time as the EP Lodgement and all relevant stakeholders were invited to provide feedback on the change in November 2016.

Environment Division Acting Executive Director Karen Caple said the current process would remain in place given the positive responses to the change  received from stakeholders.

“This change to the submission process was made to enable the public to view information regarding petroleum and geothermal activities prior to activity approval, which aligns with the department’s transparency policy,” she said.

“We received 15 elements of feedback from 19 stakeholder responses during the two week public feedback period and overall they were supportive of the changes.

“DMP is committed to ensuring that regulatory decision making and investment attraction processes, together with the technical information and data supporting them, are publicly available for the benefit of the Western Australian community.”

Ms Caple thanked all the participants for providing their feedback and comments.

A report outlining the feedback received and responses to comments is on the DMP website.

The current EP Summary submission process flowchart is also available on the DMP website.